Performance Health

Our Story

Performance Health is a unique chiropractic clinic located in St. Albert. Our clinic specializes in treating various musculosketetal conditions, including sport and repetitive injuries.

Dr. Wendi Kisic and Dr. Henry Hwang started their practice, Perron Street Chiropractic, in 2000, they then moved from the downtown area and established Performance Health in 2007.

Dr. Wendi Kisic and Dr. Henry Hwang specialize in several treatments, including: Active Release Techniques, Graston Techniques, Acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

Our staff also includes two massage therapists, Karen and Heidi, who specialize in deep therapeutic massage.

Our goal at Performance Health is to determine and individualize the best treatment approach for our patients. Although our goal is to alleviate your pain, our philosophy is also to help correct any biomechanical issues contributing to your injuries. Additionally,  we can  incorporate rehabilitation and give nutritional advice as needed.

Call 780-419-3833 and book your appointment today!


One thought on “Our Story

  1. Dr. Kisic – looks like I’m moving to Kelowna this summer. will miss everyone greatly, especially you because you have alowed me to live a normal life and a deep gratitude I cannot explain in words. You care and listen. One of my heroes-very small group.
    if you have a referral for here please let me know.

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